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Pupper Nails

     That dreaded time again, hearing the clip clop of nails on the floor, time for a good ole nail trim. But before you pick up those nail clippers make sure you do your research. 

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    Excessive nail growth on a dogs paws can cause serious damage, if left to over grow; they can tare or even continue to grow around and puncture the pups pads under their paws. This leaves your pooch open to a wide variety of infections such as bacterial infections; some of the symptoms are, swollen nail beds, swollen foot, pain in foot with limping, and oozing sores. 

    Although you do not want to leave your dogs nails to over grow you have to be extremely careful when trimming them as well. Hitting a dog’s kwik (pink skin inside the nail) will cause severe bleeding, and again leaving them susceptible to infections.

    Our last eight years with Bently has been a consistent battle when it comes to his nails; I’ve gone from doing them myself to going to the vet to going to the groomer and back to doing them myself. He just gets into these screaming fits of not allowing me to do his nails- no hes not in pain, he just acts like a normal “dog-being” for everyone else when getting his nails done- haha, I know his tricks. But I find the more I do them myself the better he is and the more confident I am when cutting them. I have found little tricks that work really well with him; like laying him on his side on the counter facing away from me, really works well helping him to stay calm and keeps him secure. 

So if you wanted to start doing your pups nails yourself I would recommend

  •  Taking your time
  • Have treats handy
  • Get them use to you playing with their feet
  • Trim a little off the nails at a time when you do feel comfortable to start trying to trim them. Its better to take too little, for the first little bit, than too much.
  • Make sure to ALWAYS have kwik stop (a product that stops the bleeding) and a pup first aid kit on hand, mine I just grabbed from a local pet shop. You never know if they’re going to jerk and your clippers hit their quick, it’s better to be prepared!


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    If you have a groomer ask them if they mind showing you how to trim the nails properly, I know some local groomers to me that don’t mind taking the time to show you even how to hold them properly, which is amazing of them. (always make sure to ask if there is a cost because who knows.. lol).

Do you guys have any tricks when cutting your pooches nails; I’m always up for learning new ways to make it waaaaay less stressful for me and him, haha.  See you guys soon! ❤


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