The Cats

The Pounce

Well good morning lovely humans, Luka-stan here.

Every now and then I get a good kick out of scary the living daylights out of my pet humans. For example just the other day I decided, since the human left the dresser drawer open it would be the perfect opportunity for me to slip into it unnoticed; then without warning they’ll open the drawer even more and hit the ceiling when I pop out- haha!

So sure enough my plan went along without fail, not long after I slipped in, the human was doing laundry, like a good human. As she came closer my heart pounded with anticipation; my muscles tensed, ready for the pounce. Then without warning, as she pulled the drawer further open I sprang into action. You should have seen her face; she jumped almost 10 feet into the air! Then realising it was me she relaxed, laughing she told me how much of a scare I gave her. Silly human, just wait for the next one; you won’t see me coming, again.


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