The Cats

Happy Caturday Fur fam

The Cats

A change in perspective

Me being the fabulous feline that I am, I have done a great deal of self reflection since yesterday; and with a little help from some canine friends- Xena and Lucy. I have decided, kind of, that my human slaves would probably enjoy being human mom and dad, well I guess I could give it a try.. I mean what harm could it really do? It’s not like they’ll forget who is really in charge of this house anyway.

So giving it a whirl this morning it worked fairly quickly, I even got an early morning snuggle before the human dad left, where he goes I have yet to firgure out- a story for another tims perhaps. Maybe this will work puurfectly, there still needs testing, I must see further outcomes to come to my decision.

I will keep you posted as I do further experiments and let you know my conclusions.


The Luka