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Cat with Crystals, not using the litter box after healing? Try this!

First off, i would like to state I am not a Veterinarian nor do I not have training in the field. I simply wanted to share what I did after our cat healed from having Crystals. IF your cat suddenly stops using their litter box please seek Vet advice immediately, as this could save their life!

As some of you know, a while back our poor boy Jaxy had a run in with Crystals.

It was a heart wrenching battle, but one that he made it through and healed very quickly from. However, the healing process did have it’s own form of hurtles to get through.

A lot of the time cats, who develop crystals, stop using their litter boxes because they tend to associate it as the source of their pain. So I’m sure you understand that they have to “go” somewhere right?

Lets face it cat urine is SMEEELLLY, and very unhealthy, breathing it in and having over exposure to ammonia can cause:

  • Nausea
  • head aches
  • respiratory infections, like pneumonia

That is why it’s so important to get on top of the pee and getting your feline pal back into the litter box!

To get them back in their kitty box

I’ll explain what i did, again I’m not a professional, i just love my fur babies and like to ensure they’re well care for and healthy.

Click here to read of the signs Jaxy had right before we rushed him to the Emergency clinic.

When we came back from the vet I had set him up in a separate room so he could have piece and quiet while he recovered. The room had pee-pad flooring set up, because I knew there would be accidents galore!

By the second day I noticed he was trying to urinate in the same area, on a pee-pad. That’s when i had the idea to place pee-pads into a lower bin that he could comfortably get in and out of. ( For our cat’s we use a rubber-made bin, it gives them more space inside, and was a way cheaper option then the traditional litter box).

So I got a new bin, something he wouldn’t associate the pain with. Inside of the new box i put a pee-pad down, also placing the box in the same area that he was urinating in (not urinating much mind you, because his body was still trying to break down the crystals with the help of the medications and S.O. wet food.) and put him inside of it. (like you would if you were to move the litter box). 

He was in there for a sort time; did not use it at that point, came and had some snuggles. Then I left him for about an hour to rest.

When I came back in to check on him, he was snoozing away on a ” towel bed” I had put together for him. I seen some dibble marks on the pee pads that I had set up all over the room, which is typical of a cat who has crystals. However when I glanced into the new bin I noticed had USE THE LITTER BOX! Full pee and more! Such a sigh of relief, It was so simple and easy.

Once Jaxon started getting back to his normal comical self, I slowly started adding a little bit of kitty litter on top of the pee-pad every day, and bit by bit he re adjusted to using just his box and his regular litter.

Now I’ve heard, because cats can be so finicky, that sometimes they will still associate that particular litter with the pain they went through, and they may not use the box. Some people recommend having an additional box set up that you know they will use. That way they aren’t holding their bladders too long, as it is possible for this to cause the crystals to build up again. so in that case please keep a close eye on your kitty, and you may need to change brands of litter to something different and slowly add that instead.

Now not all cats are the same, I just wanted to share the process of what I did with Jaxon and hopefully it will be helpful to someone, and their fur babe, in need.

If your cat stops using their litter box, seek Veterinarian advice immediately!

Because we brought Jaxon in so quickly we were able to prevent surgery.

Jaxon made a full recovery and with the help of the Royal Canin S.O. wet food, he hasn’t had a Crystal flare up since.

Pet Care & Wellness · The Cats

Crystals- The Enemy

Jaxon here,

So a few months back I fell very ill, the humans were so worried they rushed me to the hospital. I tried to protest, I hate the hospital. But they insisted, and I was in no state to put up much of a fight. My belly hurt so bad, I was hot, then cold. I couldn’t pee, I thought maybe it was my litter box causing me so much pain; so I attempted to go on the floor. Nothing would come out but dibbles.IMG_2938

Then at the vet they rushed me away from my humans to the back room.

     The doctors said it didn’t look good, my bladder was so full and I couldn’t get enough urine out; putting my kidneys at risk.

She explained it as “crystals”, and they would need to do a test to find out what type of crystals it was. Not long after the test was preformed she told my humans there was good news and bad news, the bad news was it was crystals; but the good news was it was struvite crystals- the kind that can be broken down with special food!

Another  postive too, was my humans bringing me in so fast, because I still had some urine making its way out- and I wasn’t completly blocked, the doctor decided there was a chance to break down the crystals with some medicated food, along with some pain medication, and muscle relaxers; they would however, have to drain my bladder that day, and probably would have to again the second day. My humans agreed to give it a chance before pushing for surgery. But it would be serious, the doctor said I would need to be monitored consisently for the next few days, incase of complication they would have to rush me in for surgery.

   After the procedure of draining my bladder, given some pain meds and muscle relaxers, the humans took me home along with the medication and special food.

It was a battle, the mom human layed with me on the floor of the spare room all night, checking me, cleaning my pee dipples up and putting down fresh pee pads. I could see the worry and fear in her eyes; but the fact that she was with me and not leaving my side gave me strength. It was a really touch and go night, but the medication helped me sleep here and there. My mom had to push some of the food into me with a food syring to get me to eat, I know I was suppose to, I just didn’t feel good so I couldn’t on my own.

   The next day I was feeling a little better; mind you I was still in trumendous pain, and the medication made me a little dopey. But I had the drive to keep fighting, I started eating a little on my own.

My humans were so relieved my mom even teared up, she was with me all that day too. I was even able to start getting more urine out on my own, but my blatter was still filling up faster than I could get it out; so my mom human packed me up with all of my paper work in toe, and we drove back to the hospital; calling them along the way to let them know we were coming.

    The doctor checked me over again and decided I would need my bladder drained one more time, but if it needed it a third time I would need the surgery; but she was quit impressed with me seeing that I was starting to get a fair amount out on my own too.


   So they did the procedure one more time, this time it was game time; I had to push myself a eat, take my medication like the boss cat I am.

When I got home I ate almost an entire cat of medication food, my humans were so surprised! By that night I was peeing more and more freaquently too! My humans were so impressed by how I had perked up that I even got some visits from my other fur pals; that made me feel better, being able to snuggle with them again.

After the main battle was over I was getting back to my old self in no time, I would still need to stay on the special diet to ensure the crystals didn’t come back; but I was where I needed to be, home with my family.

    I lived to tell the tail, but for many felines out there it’s too late.

Always make sure to keep an eye on your feline’s litter box habbits, one sign of discomfort is they stop using their litter box. Also be sure they get the proper amount of water daily, and feed wet food along with kibble to ensure the quantity of water is correct to flush away any crystals or keep them from  forming all together.

     Any sign of unusual litter box behaviour and your human should call your doctor, incase its serious. For more information I have linked some great websites to check out, should you be curious about the condition “Crystals”, Even our canine pals can get them- though they are slightly different, but the best way to find out more is by simply talking to your vet, they are trained professionals, there to help.

Thanks for reading my story, and I’ll see you next time,




IMG_2937 – Cornell University College of Veternary Medicine