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Digital Pet Drawing Now Available !

Digital vector style pet drawings are now available on FIVERR!

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The Cats

Jaxy Here

Mums been super busy crocheting and not petting me while she does it… I’m not please no not pleased at all.

I decided to take over her tools until she pets me.. and just so you know it worked well, I got picked up and snuggled against my will, oh the horror.. just kidding it was all part of the plan 😉

See you soon fam

The Cats

My New Sleeping Place

Hey fam, Jaxy here;

Occasionally I like to switch up my sleeping spots.. I usually find the best ones and my feline siblings ALWAYS take over them on me!

Day 3: They still think I’m a fuzzy shoe.

Oh they’ll never take this one, nope never! I think it’s the best spot yet, I sleep here every chance I get now. Mum thought it was pretty hilarious at first because I couldn’t fit with three pairs of shoes on the shelf; I just kept knocking a pair off, until of course she gave in and removed a pair for me, now I fit just like a glove!

Best spot in the house!

See you soon!


The Cats

Holy Moly 5,000

Hellooooo you beautiful fur fam!

Action Jaxon here, and boy do I have some news for you- well uh my sister and I do.

Thank you for your fur-tastic support!

We FINALLY hit 5,000 followers on our Instagram page and oh boy oh boy we are pretty excited about that!

We just keep on meeting the best fur pals from all around the globe, I just can’t watch it’s just all too exciting.

Oh Luka! I wonder how many pals will meet this year!

Can’t wait to see you all again soon fur fam!


The Cats

Happy Caturday

Oh Hai fur fam! Thanks for dropping by on this chilly damp Caturday.

Sometimes I pretend I’m a beautiful flower.

Happy Caturday You Beautiful Fur Fam You !

Living my flower life

Mum thinks I’m a silly turkey, but I tell her no, I’m not a turkey at all; just a cat, with a dream, a dream of being a beautiful flower.

What do you pretend to be my puurrrfect fur pals?

Love hearing from you all!! Talk soon!