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Our Review Of Pet Safe’s Easy Walk Harness

Good morning fam!

So we decided to do a review, not sponsored, of Pet safe’s Easy Walk harness. Bently has always, some how, found a way to escape most harnesses we’ve tried, and using just his collar hurts his trachea, causing discomfort and coughing fits. We thought now would be the perfect time to try the Easy walk harness, simply because we needed something for Sophee as well; she doesn’t pull much, but it allows us to correct her when we need to, and again I prefer not to use just a collar.

We found our Easy walk harnesses online at for around 25 cad; I realized after that Pet Safe has them for about the same price on their website. The ones we ordered from Amazon did come within two days so that was a nice bonus, not sure what Pet Safe’s shipping is like though, I’m sure their fairly decent as well.

Pet Safe Harness Info- from their website.

The Easy Walk Harness gently discourages your dog from pulling on the leash. When your dog pulls, the harness steers your dog to the side and redirects his attention toward you. The harness rests across your dog’s chest instead of his throat, so there’s no choking or gagging. The Easy Walk Harness is perfect for everything from teaching your dog to heel during daily walks to keeping your dog under control at the vet or dog park.

  • Discourages your dog from pulling on the leash
  • Comfortable & easy to fit
  • 4 adjustment points for maximum comfort & reliable fit
  • Martingale loop in chest piece prevents twisting
  • Quick-snap buckles on shoulder and belly straps for easy on and off

My Thoughts:

I’ve seen a lot of these harnesses as of lately and by the look of them, they seemed to be our perfect solution for Bently the escape artist; with the step in harnesses no matter how perfect the size, he always seemed to be able to quickly lower his head and contort his way out with ease. It made me super nervous when I was walking him because:

  • we don’t have sidewalks on the streets around us, he listens to come back but when he sees other people he just has to say hi first.
  • Not all people, and other dogs want to say hi or are friendly. and
  • He could run out in front of a car.

I found that the easy walk had a great style with basically a circle around the ribs, and with it connecting at the front, Bently can’t get his head out. It also allows me to always safely, and comfortably for him, correct his pulling if he sees another dog or person on our adventures.


Sizing for harnesses can sometimes be a little tricky, I found Pet Safe made it really easy with their charts and images.

For Bently I ended up going with the small size in green, when it did come in the nylon straps were an excellent width for him with lots of space for adjusting to the perfect size.

For Sophee I picked the small/medium, I was not too sure about that one because I didn’t know if it would be way to big for her now, she’s still a puppy and growing, I wanted to make sure it would fit her for a long time. When it came in I was so happy I went with that size, the nylon thickness was thicker than Bently’s but it worked perfectly for Sophee; the adjustments were awesome, tons of space to make it bigger as she grows.

An added bonus with Sophee’s was it also came with a matching leash, where as Bently’s did not which was a little disappointing for his, I thought that all came with a leash, but we have lots anyways so it wasn’t a huge issue.

Another positive for this style and how they harness is fitted is, its flat, nice and small so it fits under their winter attire, great for all seasons!

Now For The Real Test! Does It Work?

Now not all dogs are the same, our two can be polar opposites most days; what I can say is that I noticed a big difference almost instantly.

When we get ready for out walks I always suit the dogs up first, its just easier that way for me. Now normally their dragging their leashes with them running around while I get ready, this time they were still very excited but when they tried to pull from me they simply calmed down and sat; wicked sign already.

I opened the door and the dogs and I calmly stepped outside, normally by this point they’re so excited it usually is a very chaotic exit, so I was very pleasantly surprised.

One thing I found interesting during our walk was them getting less and less entangled on each other, they both seemed to pick their own position beside me and stick with it; where as normally they’re back and forth switching spots beside me, and by the end of our walk their leashes are a tangled mess- this time that wasn’t the case.

As we made our way around on our walk I found it was a lot more pleasant with the dog’s both content in their spots on my side, both were happy and excited but also very calm, taking in the smells as we went along.

Unfortunately it’s winter here and was fairly chilly today and there was not anyone else walking or about, so I couldn’t really test the harnesses to see how they would work when the dog’s tried to really pull, so that I will have to let you know at a later time. But all and all I’d have to give these harnesses an A+ for ease of use, correcting, and comfort for the dogs.

We hope you guys find this review helpful, and if you give the Pet Safe’s Easy Walk harness a try let us know how it works for you! I’d have to say we couldn’t be happier with the results, and I’m so glad I chose this brand to try.

Talk to you soon fur fam!


The Daily Paw Blog Team

Click Here For Pet’s Safe’s Website

DIY- Do It Yourself

Super Easy, DIY No Pull Harness!

Soph here, from time to time I, like any puppy, enjoy giving mum a good pull on the leash. She was getting pretty sore from it though; she thought I was probably hurting my neck as well. So upon doing some research into no pull harness styles, she found the perfect solution which is very effective for me and we could even use my leash we already owned- as it was a nice soft nylon leash.

It’s real easy ! I’ll walk you through it!

All you need are a sturdy clip and a soft nylon leash; the material of the leash is very important because if it were too hard or firm it could cause discomfort or chaffing on your pup, and no one wants that!

Step One

The first step it very easy, simply clip the on the leash before putting it around your pup, just a little easier; mum knows I get excited for walks and jump around when I see the leashes come out.

Step Two

Clip Leash to collar then drape it over your pooch, behind their front legs. This will cause the leash to pull up and become snug when they pull making it uncomfortable for them to pull.

Step Three

Feed the leash through the clip pulling in the slack, as shown in above image.

Step Four

Once that is complete the leash should be comfortably snug around the pup’s torso, then you simply attach the clip to either the collar or to the leash clasp and you’re ready for action.

When your pup is secure on your walks it makes it safer and more enjoyable for you and your canine companion.

Hope you enjoyed our DIY and if you try it at home we’d love to hear about it! But me and Bently are just itching to go on our walk now!

Until next time Fur Family!