Meme Monday

Happy Meme Monday

The Cats

A Luka’s Perspective

        As I sit here I ponder many things, where does the human slave go everyday? He wakes at hunting time- at first I thought to join the hunt finally; but no, he goes into the rain chamber… the shower I believe the humans call it. Get this instead of hunting he opens the winter box.. fridge I think it’s called, and he doesn’t even have to hunt! 


   Once he has does his early morning chores, he grabs his keys and leaves. But where does he go? He is my human slave, no one else’s, so where on earth does he go? angrily I sit and wait, staring out the window all day, waiting for his return. After what feels like an eternity, he arrives at almost dark.

I yell at him in my native language, ” where have you been all day slave! I’ve been worried sick, my food dish is empty, I’m cold, and I need snuggles now!” Of course he does not speak my native tongue so to him it sounds like “MOOOOOWOWW MEEEEEOOOOWOW MEEEEEEOOOOWWW!”

All he does is laugh; don’t you know this is serious?!

   He better not be someone else’s slave during the day or I will be puurrfectly livid; he looks sleepy, and hungry. So I allow him to feed me, then he may make his own dinner and have some time to himself. 

   Later in the night and  he has gone to bed with the other human slave, they watch some television and of course this is my time now. I spring onto the bed, alright humans pet and pamper me now; they oblige as this is our before sleep ritual. Petting me until we all fall asleep, and do the day over again the next day.

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The Luka

The Dogs

What having a puppy is like

Having a puppy is fun, they’re so sweet and innocent; wanting to learn everything they can. They want to play play play, then sleep and repeat.

However, they are a lot of work, and you need to be committed to the whole experience- the house training, teething, whats a chew and what is not, when to play and when to snuggle; they are counting on you and will show you nothing but unconditional love.

Oh Soph, her teeth, her little razor blade teeth. Having a soph is like having a small dragon in your house; teeth of doom, claws that dig into your soul- no matter how often their trimmed. She is a whirlwind of energy and whizzes through the house like a hurricane; playing, throwing, and jumping on everything in her wake. Though she is small, she really is a big personality in our household. 

But we would not trade her for a single thing, and teach her as much as we can along the way; She’s our little dragon dog.

The Dogs

The Great Escape

Let me tell you the story of an escape so great that humans were left tired and annoyed.

Hi Soph here, I am a fairly clever hound if I do say so myself.

Just the other night, in the dead of night, not a peep could be heard- well except for my human dad’s snoring. Everyone was sound asleep. But man oh man did I have to pee!

I figured I would just let myself out, no one would notice. I stuck my paw out and lifted up, oh sweet success. Poking my head out and looking around I was on my way to getting out for a pee! Slowly and quitly I snuck up on the door in the darkness.

Upon reaching the door I realise, how the heckle jeckle am I going to get outside?! Well I guess I’ll have to just summon the human with my wonderful potty bell, oh wont they be so surprised to her that!

Tired and groggy my human dad stumbles out of their cave and towards me. He was pretty shocked to see me ringing the potty bell. With a chuckle lets me out and then back into my my little cave or “house” as the humans call it. All peed out, and snug as a bug in a rug, I sleep soundly through the rest of night.

The Dogs

‘Tis The Season

Oh Hai Fur-family, great to see you again, Bently here!

                It’s that time of year again, when the human’s put up this plastic, purple, tree thing. It sparkles like crazy and they take their time adding each decoration,like every year. They call it a Christmas tree, I enjoy it, but I think a real one would be much better- like an indoor bathroom, JUST FOR ME! But the humans won’t do it, so I’ll just have to stick to going outside; lucky cats, how come they get to go indoors where it’s so nice and warm, and dry?

                The cats get fairly crazy this time of year too, not really sure what it is. They climb the tree; smashing decorations on the floor- luckily they’re plastic too,human says it’s for safety because of the cats! The silly felines even try chewing on it, though the humans try their best to shoo them away, it really is a losing battle, they attack it the whole time they’re out. I kind of think, if the tree had it’s own crate, the cats wouldn’t be able to get at it; but the humans would never go for it.

                I do like this time of year though, we always get all kinds of presents, and get more visitors than any other time of the year; So that means even more bark-tastic greetings for every single visitor. K

The cold and the snow though; I am not a fan of it. It’s wet and it balls up in my fur making it cling to me like a soaked wet shirt. I definitely prefer to stay indoors, where it’s dry and the snuggles are warm.