The Cats

Happy Caturday

Oh Hai fur fam! Thanks for dropping by on this chilly damp Caturday.

Sometimes I pretend I’m a beautiful flower.

Happy Caturday You Beautiful Fur Fam You !

Living my flower life

Mum thinks I’m a silly turkey, but I tell her no, I’m not a turkey at all; just a cat, with a dream, a dream of being a beautiful flower.

What do you pretend to be my puurrrfect fur pals?

Love hearing from you all!! Talk soon!


The Cats

A Travelling Cat Story

Every now and then I like to go with my mum and my canine siblings in the car for road trips.

The first time I ever went it was just at the tail end of summer and mum brought the dogs out of the house, little did she know I followed them right to her SUV. When she turned to pick the dogs up, to put them inside the truck, she was shocked to see me waiting along side with them. She laughed and said ” oh Jaxy, do you want to come to?” She then picked me up and placed me in the back seat with my brother and sister; this was so exciting! I hadn’t been for a car ride since I got neutered, and of course that wasn’t an enjoyable trip.

She cracked the back window, so much fresh air; I loved it! Bently was standing on the arm rest to get a better sniff through the slightly opened window; mum didn’t want it open too much in case I got scared she said, I followed Bently’s actions too get a better sniff, where on earth are we going?

Mum had the radio on, very softly, with the breeze and slight country music whispering in the background, it was a very enjoyable trip. Back then Sophee was very nervous in the car, so she slept curled up in a ball for the majority of the ride.

Soon we pulled up to this big building, it had a speaker that we drove up to. Mum then placed an order for a coffee and a couple treats; when we got up to the window the lady had a good chuckle seeing us all in the back and gave mum a couple of dog biscuits. She broke a little piece off for me, but I do’t like them so she gave one to Soph and one to Bently; she said I could have a different treat that I like at home. Oh boy road trips and treats, could this day get any better?!

As we drove, I presume home, I watched the trees sway, and listened to the birds chirp; I even seen a few different dogs I haven’t met ever before! I looked over at my siblings, Soph went right back to the curled up ball she was at he beginning of the trip, and Bently had his nose out the other window sniffing away trying to take in all the information he could before the ride was over.

As quickly as the trip had started, it was over and we were home again; aahhh that wonderful familiar feeling and scent of home. What a great relaxing little trip that ad been, I think I might just follow mum and the canines out for another trip sometime soon.

Hey fur-fam, have you or your furry friends ever been on a wonderful trip together? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear all about your wonderful adventures!

Until next time fur family,


The Cats

Um excuse me mum, let me in!

So from time to time I enjoy a sneak out the door with my canine sibblings, mum and dad don’t like it one bit; but I obviously love it.

Once I’m tuckered out and have had my fun I come to the front door and stare at mum or dad through the window until they see me to let me in.

They can never help but laugh every time they see me though, so I just keep doing it; that way they’re laughing too much to be mad at me for sneaking out.

Until my next silly escapades fur fam,


Action Jaxon