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Puppy Chews

So lets talk about teething… and the Sophee.

When you are in the shower.

Clearly from the image above, Soph was left unattended while I had a shower.. again clearly I was not watching her, my own fault. Luckily the paint is non toxic, but still.

We’re really at a trial and error point with Soph and her toys, we’ve come to the conclusion that she enjoys fabric toys and not so much hard toys as you can see from some of her selection below.

Fabric toys tend to last her all of 5 minutes before she has a hole right through it, but man does she love them. Rope Bones are her next favourite, they last longer than fabric toys of course so we’ll probably stick closer to them.

Kong I find was a great solution until she figured out that to get the treat out she just has to slam it on the floor a few time .. lol.

Natural Chews work great as well to keep her interested, I don’t have any current images though as she tends to get through them pretty quick. I definitely want to try antlers for her once shes a little older, they’re just too hard for her little teeth at this point.

Once she starts getting pieces of anything off I remove the toy or chew (unless edible) from her reach. We always recommend that any new toy be supervised with puppies.

Do any of your dogs have a favourite style of toy? What was the best when they were a puppy? What was the worse thing they chewed on you?

We would love to hear some of your funny stories, leave a comment below!

The Dogs

A Dog’s First New Years

It was a rainy day, can you believe it? On a New Years Eve, not that I would know what it is normally- IT WAS MY FIRST NEW YEARS EVE! But my brother Bently said normally it’s a lot colder and we have more snow by now.

Mum and dad were busy cleaning away, organizing, and de-cluttering the house- as my brother had mentioned in his previous post, he said they do this every year. But we still had a good play outside before the rain came, which was so much fun; I just love the snow, my brother not so much but he still plays with me outside until he gets too chilly.

We really love chasing each other around the yard, playing fetch; well I play fetch and Bently just chases me around like hes playing to- I don’t really think he understands the whole concept of getting the ball and bringing it back, he’s so silly.

AND OH MY GOODNESS! It is like gold finding a decent stick in our yard when we have so much snow, and they are my absolute favourite!

I was so excited I had to show Bently my great find, and he was so surprised and wanted to get a piece of it, so much fun!

Mum and dad worked well into the evening organizing their office, so many papers! I don’t know what they say, but mum wouldn’t let me help; this was a mum and dad only job, but we still got to hang out in the office with them so it was okay I’d rather play anyway.

After everything was done they turned on the tv to a new years special, my brother said I’d like it; lots of music and lights so much fun! We all snuggled in on the couch together, even the cats came into the living room, hard to get them all together at the same time, mum said she wished she got a picture.

I fell asleep on the couch, just a light snooze, it was way past my bedtime you know. Then out of new year the tv got so much louder, mum and dad were yelling HAPPY NEW YEAR and Bently was excited jumping about, I had no clue what was happening for a good minute, then dad picked me up, mum picked up Bently and they wished us a Happy New Year, oh my goodness I almost missed my first new year! Ooops, good thing they woke me up!

Hope you all had a safe and wonderful holiday fur family, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Love always,