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Soph on the Daily

Oh heya fur fam! Missed you!!

So some days I find it hilarious to make these silly faces at mum, I really enjoy doing it when its too cold outside to do much other than run out and do my business then run back in as quickly as possible- and we’ve had a few of them lately.

The snow has also gotten so deep here it’s OVER my head in some spots. When it isn’t too cold out I like to run- or hop as fast as possible through it all, the parents think it’s hilarious when all of a sudden POOF I disappear.. under the snow.

Mum wants to try and get some good shots of my brother and I hopping through the snow, hopefully it isn’t too chilly this weekend and maybe we can share some with you soon!

Talk to you again soon Fam!


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Pet Of The Month

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Pet of the month!

Pet Of The Month Reminder!

Just a reminder fur-fam, that the new pet of the month is coming up fast! If you would like to submit an entry please

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Pet of the month!

Calling all super stars!

Good Day everyone!

We love getting to know our followers, and we would like to celebrate you!

Every first of the month we have decided to select a pet of the month! All you have to do is submit a photo to and tell us all about you!

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