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Luka here,

So Last summer the human came up with this great idea, as we are royalty house cats, and have “no street smarts”, as the humans would say. No clue as to what that means, but regardless we wanted to be outside to sun tan on beautiful Canadian summer days, watching the birds and the squirrels as they scurry about.


The mom human did some “research” as she called it, coming of up a design for the creation she called a “catio”. I wasn’t so keen on the idea, as it involved building, which in turn would make noise, horrible racket, and the mess, oh my catgod.

But she didnt listen to me, to be honest I’m glad she didn’t because I abosolutly love it- don’t tell her I told you though, I like to keep her on her toes.


The catio an inclosed area outside, with scratchers, and shelves; to climb sleep and observe. What a fantastic idea, it keeps us safe but allows us the freedom to be outside- she even added a little cat door through the kitchen window, so we could come and go as we please! Because you know us cats, we can never decide if we want in or out.


Check it out, let us know what you think, and if you have something similar we would love to hear about it or even see a picture!


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Me, a small dog; enjoys getting outside. The fresh air blowing through my hair, the speed, the friendly waves of humans I have yet to sniff.

         This bike seat my human made was absolutely bark-tastic!

We both had so much fun ridding around, even though she was doing all the work, I could tell she was enjoying herself. I myself, enjoyed leaning to one side with my elbow draped over the edge, relaxing, sniffing the air as we blew past all of the trees, and flowers. This is a much better way to get around, and the best part? I do not even need to move!

We Cannot wait for the weather to clear to be able to get back out there for a ride!2015-05-08 08.02.27