The Dogs

A Dog’s First New Years

It was a rainy day, can you believe it? On a New Years Eve, not that I would know what it is normally- IT WAS MY FIRST NEW YEARS EVE! But my brother Bently said normally it’s a lot colder and we have more snow by now.

Mum and dad were busy cleaning away, organizing, and de-cluttering the house- as my brother had mentioned in his previous post, he said they do this every year. But we still had a good play outside before the rain came, which was so much fun; I just love the snow, my brother not so much but he still plays with me outside until he gets too chilly.

We really love chasing each other around the yard, playing fetch; well I play fetch and Bently just chases me around like hes playing to- I don’t really think he understands the whole concept of getting the ball and bringing it back, he’s so silly.

AND OH MY GOODNESS! It is like gold finding a decent stick in our yard when we have so much snow, and they are my absolute favourite!

I was so excited I had to show Bently my great find, and he was so surprised and wanted to get a piece of it, so much fun!

Mum and dad worked well into the evening organizing their office, so many papers! I don’t know what they say, but mum wouldn’t let me help; this was a mum and dad only job, but we still got to hang out in the office with them so it was okay I’d rather play anyway.

After everything was done they turned on the tv to a new years special, my brother said I’d like it; lots of music and lights so much fun! We all snuggled in on the couch together, even the cats came into the living room, hard to get them all together at the same time, mum said she wished she got a picture.

I fell asleep on the couch, just a light snooze, it was way past my bedtime you know. Then out of new year the tv got so much louder, mum and dad were yelling HAPPY NEW YEAR and Bently was excited jumping about, I had no clue what was happening for a good minute, then dad picked me up, mum picked up Bently and they wished us a Happy New Year, oh my goodness I almost missed my first new year! Ooops, good thing they woke me up!

Hope you all had a safe and wonderful holiday fur family, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Love always,

The Dogs

A Dog’s Perspective- Sophee’s Thoughts

Well hello my lovely fur-family!

So great to see you, it’s been a dog’s age! Hope you’re all having an excellent holiday season with the people, and fur pals you love!

Let me tell you about my first ever Christmas experience! It was absolutely amazing, the sights, the smells, and oh boy; those delicious treats!

I was a little scared at first; so many different and new things going on and surrounding me, it was slightly intimidating. Eventually I relaxed though, my big brother Bently really helped me settle into the season; he is just so relaxed!

When Christmas day finally came, oh my goodness, the presents! Mum tried to get me to open some but I was so unsure of that crunchy wrapping paper and I didn’t want to hurt the contents inside; I just couldn’t do it, so mom helped me instead.

We got SO many new toys and treats it was absolutely amazing, but my all time favourite part was grandma and my uncle coming to visit. We all had so much fun, playing, and showing them all the paw-some toys we got.

I hope you all had as an amazing time as I did, and maybe even experienced something new you hadn’t before. I can’t wait until next year, now that I know what to expect I’ll be far more prepared!

Can’t wait to see you all again really soon!


DIY- Do It Yourself

Super Easy, DIY No Pull Harness!

Soph here, from time to time I, like any puppy, enjoy giving mum a good pull on the leash. She was getting pretty sore from it though; she thought I was probably hurting my neck as well. So upon doing some research into no pull harness styles, she found the perfect solution which is very effective for me and we could even use my leash we already owned- as it was a nice soft nylon leash.

It’s real easy ! I’ll walk you through it!

All you need are a sturdy clip and a soft nylon leash; the material of the leash is very important because if it were too hard or firm it could cause discomfort or chaffing on your pup, and no one wants that!

Step One

The first step it very easy, simply clip the on the leash before putting it around your pup, just a little easier; mum knows I get excited for walks and jump around when I see the leashes come out.

Step Two

Clip Leash to collar then drape it over your pooch, behind their front legs. This will cause the leash to pull up and become snug when they pull making it uncomfortable for them to pull.

Step Three

Feed the leash through the clip pulling in the slack, as shown in above image.

Step Four

Once that is complete the leash should be comfortably snug around the pup’s torso, then you simply attach the clip to either the collar or to the leash clasp and you’re ready for action.

When your pup is secure on your walks it makes it safer and more enjoyable for you and your canine companion.

Hope you enjoyed our DIY and if you try it at home we’d love to hear about it! But me and Bently are just itching to go on our walk now!

Until next time Fur Family!


The Dogs

All the Mischief I Never Did

I myself, a dog, love to get into mischief from time to time. I’m just so curious about everything; I need to know every sound, smell, and experience new things. My mum tries to expose me to different things from time to time, she says to teach me how to react in certain situations. I am a bit of a wild child, so I like to just go for the ride.

Just the other day her and dad took me and Bently to a different family members house, I think she said it was her aunt and uncle’s house. I knew right when we pulled in that this is where my best fur pal “Hemi” lived, I could smell him already!

If you don’t know who Hemi is, he is my cousin, a French bulldog with more energy than even I could produce.

As we walked into the house I could hear him coming from a mile away, I braced myself. Our greetings get a bit “rambunctious” as mum would say. we just get so excited to see each other we bounce from the walls!

When the parents sit and start their visit, dad has coffee; but I don’t realize in time, and take a flying leap onto his lap. Mum said I sprang through the air like a deer! Oh No ! Coffee went flying, everywhere! Dad was not too happy with me, that coffee was hot, mum ran cool water on my leg to make sure I wasn’t burned- I wasn’t hurt physically, just my pride from the fact that I made such a silly decision. I apologized to my dad after, and he apologized for giving me so much trouble it was a accident he said.

After all the commotion in the house, I mellow out a bit; Hemi still a ball of energy needs some time to cool off. So I lay down and relax a bit while mum visits and dad went out to work on the car in the shop. Mum said aside from the coffee incident, I was being such a good girl for my first time in someone else’s house; she was pleasantly surprised. I don’t know why she was so surprised, I’m ALWAYS on my best behaviour.

Later on in the day I was pooped, Bently was pooped; dad laughed because as soon as we got into the car we were down for the count; just completely out cold.

When I awoke we were home, mum carried Bently into the house, and dad carried me, I was soooo sleepy that I fell back asleep inside for the rest of the evening, I could hear the two of them giggling at me so being so pooped; but I was just too tired to care.

A day full of fun, and new experiences; can’t wait until the next visit; though I wont be jumping on a cup of coffee this time.

Until Next time fur family!