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Our Review Of Pet Safe’s Easy Walk Harness

Good morning fam!

So we decided to do a review, not sponsored, of Pet safe’s Easy Walk harness. Bently has always, some how, found a way to escape most harnesses we’ve tried, and using just his collar hurts his trachea, causing discomfort and coughing fits. We thought now would be the perfect time to try the Easy walk harness, simply because we needed something for Sophee as well; she doesn’t pull much, but it allows us to correct her when we need to, and again I prefer not to use just a collar.

We found our Easy walk harnesses online at for around 25 cad; I realized after that Pet Safe has them for about the same price on their website. The ones we ordered from Amazon did come within two days so that was a nice bonus, not sure what Pet Safe’s shipping is like though, I’m sure their fairly decent as well.

Pet Safe Harness Info- from their website.

The Easy Walk Harness gently discourages your dog from pulling on the leash. When your dog pulls, the harness steers your dog to the side and redirects his attention toward you. The harness rests across your dog’s chest instead of his throat, so there’s no choking or gagging. The Easy Walk Harness is perfect for everything from teaching your dog to heel during daily walks to keeping your dog under control at the vet or dog park.

  • Discourages your dog from pulling on the leash
  • Comfortable & easy to fit
  • 4 adjustment points for maximum comfort & reliable fit
  • Martingale loop in chest piece prevents twisting
  • Quick-snap buckles on shoulder and belly straps for easy on and off

My Thoughts:

I’ve seen a lot of these harnesses as of lately and by the look of them, they seemed to be our perfect solution for Bently the escape artist; with the step in harnesses no matter how perfect the size, he always seemed to be able to quickly lower his head and contort his way out with ease. It made me super nervous when I was walking him because:

  • we don’t have sidewalks on the streets around us, he listens to come back but when he sees other people he just has to say hi first.
  • Not all people, and other dogs want to say hi or are friendly. and
  • He could run out in front of a car.

I found that the easy walk had a great style with basically a circle around the ribs, and with it connecting at the front, Bently can’t get his head out. It also allows me to always safely, and comfortably for him, correct his pulling if he sees another dog or person on our adventures.


Sizing for harnesses can sometimes be a little tricky, I found Pet Safe made it really easy with their charts and images.

For Bently I ended up going with the small size in green, when it did come in the nylon straps were an excellent width for him with lots of space for adjusting to the perfect size.

For Sophee I picked the small/medium, I was not too sure about that one because I didn’t know if it would be way to big for her now, she’s still a puppy and growing, I wanted to make sure it would fit her for a long time. When it came in I was so happy I went with that size, the nylon thickness was thicker than Bently’s but it worked perfectly for Sophee; the adjustments were awesome, tons of space to make it bigger as she grows.

An added bonus with Sophee’s was it also came with a matching leash, where as Bently’s did not which was a little disappointing for his, I thought that all came with a leash, but we have lots anyways so it wasn’t a huge issue.

Another positive for this style and how they harness is fitted is, its flat, nice and small so it fits under their winter attire, great for all seasons!

Now For The Real Test! Does It Work?

Now not all dogs are the same, our two can be polar opposites most days; what I can say is that I noticed a big difference almost instantly.

When we get ready for out walks I always suit the dogs up first, its just easier that way for me. Now normally their dragging their leashes with them running around while I get ready, this time they were still very excited but when they tried to pull from me they simply calmed down and sat; wicked sign already.

I opened the door and the dogs and I calmly stepped outside, normally by this point they’re so excited it usually is a very chaotic exit, so I was very pleasantly surprised.

One thing I found interesting during our walk was them getting less and less entangled on each other, they both seemed to pick their own position beside me and stick with it; where as normally they’re back and forth switching spots beside me, and by the end of our walk their leashes are a tangled mess- this time that wasn’t the case.

As we made our way around on our walk I found it was a lot more pleasant with the dog’s both content in their spots on my side, both were happy and excited but also very calm, taking in the smells as we went along.

Unfortunately it’s winter here and was fairly chilly today and there was not anyone else walking or about, so I couldn’t really test the harnesses to see how they would work when the dog’s tried to really pull, so that I will have to let you know at a later time. But all and all I’d have to give these harnesses an A+ for ease of use, correcting, and comfort for the dogs.

We hope you guys find this review helpful, and if you give the Pet Safe’s Easy Walk harness a try let us know how it works for you! I’d have to say we couldn’t be happier with the results, and I’m so glad I chose this brand to try.

Talk to you soon fur fam!


The Daily Paw Blog Team

Click Here For Pet’s Safe’s Website

The Dogs

Short Dog Problems

Oh Hai Fam!

Me being the little dog that I am, I have a very hard time getting on and off the bed, plus my feet are fairly fluffy- making it soo slippery for me and it makes my mum nervous.

Mum and dad looked and looked for stairs so I could easily climb onto and off the bed, but they were ALWAYS either really expensive or lets face it, just plain ugly.

One day mum was at.. what was it called, Ah WALMART; yes she was at Walmart just doing some shopping or what ever it is she does there, and she said that’s when the idea hit her, like right in the face I guess. She decided the perfect steps for me would just be a simple double step stool! She grabbed one, brought it home and put it next to the bed and wouldn’t you know it I climbed right onto the bed with ease.

I have the smartest mum around town, and I just love my steps. I use them every night, and you know during the day when I need to jump onto the snooze cruise.

I thought I’d share the wonderful idea for other fur friends out there, you never know even as us pups age jumping up can become a problem even onto the couch, this was my mum’s pawesome simple solution.

See you soon fur fam!


Fur- Family

Win a FREE Custom Digital Art Drawing of Your Pet!


Oh hai fur family, Good morning!

I am just so excited, I just can’t wait! We have decided to do a contest for a free digital drawing of the winners pet!

All you have to do is take the cutest picture of your pet and send it to us via email-

or tag us on the photo on instagram @thedailypawblog

Rules & Details

  • You have until January 5th to submit a photo
  • Voting lasts until January 8th the polls close at 8 pm EST
  • A winner will be announced January 9th
  • Please only ONE photo per person- if more than one is send the first photo will be the only one used.

The top four photos will be posted to our instagram page for viewers to vote on the best and cutest fur baby.

Winner gets their very own custom digital drawing of their super star pet.

Can’t wait to see all of our wonderful fur family!!!!!!


The Dogs

Dog’s thoughts – Bently’s take on winter

Well hello my beeeautiful fur-family,

The ice wind blowing through my hair, the frosting cold on my pads, the sparkling glisten of the icicles hanging from the edges of roofs and trees; yes winter we know you’re here.

Me being the small fluffer dog, I am not a big fan of the winter season, don’t get me wrong I do enjoy it, for a quick moment, then I’ve had enough. It’s just so cold it makes me barking mad to have to go out there to pee, the snow banks become taller then me at some points here!

But what do you do when you live in Ontario, Canada? I do love it here though, so I guess I’ll just bare it. Before I know it Spring will be here, ahhh Spring, puddles to jump through, the smell of flowers in bloom, and the chirp of the birds as they come home for the next few seasons.

I definitely can not wait; Soph hasn’t seen a Spring here yet, oh my goodness it’ll be so exciting for her to see all the flowers start to come up, all the birds come back and the puddles, oh so many puddles; to run through and jump in. I just can’t wait!

Whats your favourite season fur-family; and what makes it so pawesome? Bark at us and well bark back, we love hearing from you!

Until next time you wonderful furry creatures! ❤


The Dogs

Dog’s thoughts- helping Mum & Dad

Some days Sophee and I enjoy helping mum and dad while they work in the office, we give them plenty of ideas, snuggles, and remind them to take much needed breaks; to let us outside of course.

Other times we enjoy wrestling around the office with each other, playing a powerful game of tug-a-war and making all kinds of ruckus; sometimes the parents find it hard to focus when we do that, but they laugh and enjoy the noise anyway.

Since the holidays started they have been home so much working away in their home office, which is so much fun for us; more time with them yay!

It’s going to be hard to re-adjust when they go back to going to work I think, we love when they’re home. But we have had so much fun this holiday that were both pretty tired, at least when mum and dad are at work we can catch up on some much needed beauty rest.

Do your fur-pals help out with work around your house? We enjoy hearing from you all; bark at us and well bark back !

Until next time fur-family