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Dog vs Stick… BIG Stick

Well hi fur fam, thanks for stopping by!

So recently there has been a huge amount of noise in our backyard, and mum wouldn’t let us have full access to it because of that glorious “mess” as she called it; Soph and I just see a heavenly large pile of sticks.

We have had to cut down a major issue in our backyard, mum and dad both said it was too dangerous to keep and unfortunately our last standing poplar- over 100 feet tall I may add- that’s what mum said anyway, the thing was huge okay mum says 100 feet but that can’t be right, it must have been a billon Sophs tall it was SO big!

After a few days when the tree guys left, we got to run around and play fetch with some sticks. It was so much fun, Soph really didn’t like the noise when the guys were here though; I myself, have heard it before when we had to have the other one cut down. I’m not a big fan of the noise mind you but I don’t get too over worked about it, Soph did for the first day but then she was okay, she just didn’t understand what was going on at first.

“Holy Moly! Look at the size of that stick Bently!” ~ Sophee

Anyways, the issue mum and dad had with the tree was the branches- HUGE, tree sized branches- were falling off from the top. The last BIG storm we had in the fall, another huge branch fell and broke the neighbours fence. Mum said that was the last straw, that the tree is going to really hurt somebody, or worse.

So mum said they looked and looked for the perfect tree cutter person… oh what did she call him again… oh that’s right and Arborist. So they looked for a while, because it was so expensive it took some time to find the right one, some people even quoted $4,000 CAD; mum says it’s a very hard and dangerous job, that’s why it’s so expensive. But during the winter time “slow season” the arborist called it, he gave us an amazing deal at $1,400 CAD he even mulched all the .. “brush” mum called it and took it away- Soph and I were pretty peeved about that, he took our sticks! But at least there is lots left over, and he may have cut up the biggest stick, but at least he left us all of it’s pieces. How dare he, who takes a dog’s stick I say! Mum says not to be silly, we don’t want the mess, and I asked her what the heckle jeckle was messy about those wonderful sticks?!

But anyway, Soph and I will get over it I suppose, I just can’t wait to get at that big giant monster of a stick, oh boy oh boy, I can’t wait.

Well Fur fam, Thanks for joining us we missed you!


The Dogs

Sleepy Pups

After a long walk, accompanied with a run around our yard; my sister and I tend to have our regular afternoon nap. Normally by that point we are so tired we just crash where ever we see fit, mum says she finds us in some pretty hilarious sleeping spots and positions.

Mum says I always seem to crash on the couch with my head over the edge, almost upside down, and just out.

As for my sister she tends to sleep in our red chair, that mum has in her office; typically Soph’s tongue is sticking out, and she usually is running in her sleep. I asked her one day what she was chasing in her sleep, she couldn’t remember.

Other times, when we’re REAL tired we snuggle on the couch- Soph usually takes up all the space, but I really don’t mind she helps me to stay nice and toasty.

**Yawn* But I think it’s about that time I take my nap, See you again soon fam!

Whats the weirdest or funniest sleeping, spot or position you fur pals have been in? Let us know in the comments!


The Dogs

A dog & Her Spare Time

Hai-yeah fam!

It’s been a while, missed you!

Some days I tend to just have a lot of free time, I enjoy wrestling around with my siblings, walks with my mum, fetch in the backyard but occasionally I like to come up with some real funny ways to entertain myself. For example; Some days I like to just pretend I have beautiful brown locks.

Mum and dad thought it was hilarious when mum picked me up and her hair went over my head, they just had to do a quick photo session. I thought it was a lot of fun! But I do very much prefer my own silky fur coat instead that long hair is just a bother and gets into my eyes!

I don’t get how my brother Bently deals with his longer hair! I guess mum does try to keep it fairly short though, so maybe that helps.

Mum can’t wait to see what I come up with next; guess you all will have to just wait and see!

Talk to you soon fur-fam!

The Dogs

A Dog’s First New Years

It was a rainy day, can you believe it? On a New Years Eve, not that I would know what it is normally- IT WAS MY FIRST NEW YEARS EVE! But my brother Bently said normally it’s a lot colder and we have more snow by now.

Mum and dad were busy cleaning away, organizing, and de-cluttering the house- as my brother had mentioned in his previous post, he said they do this every year. But we still had a good play outside before the rain came, which was so much fun; I just love the snow, my brother not so much but he still plays with me outside until he gets too chilly.

We really love chasing each other around the yard, playing fetch; well I play fetch and Bently just chases me around like hes playing to- I don’t really think he understands the whole concept of getting the ball and bringing it back, he’s so silly.

AND OH MY GOODNESS! It is like gold finding a decent stick in our yard when we have so much snow, and they are my absolute favourite!

I was so excited I had to show Bently my great find, and he was so surprised and wanted to get a piece of it, so much fun!

Mum and dad worked well into the evening organizing their office, so many papers! I don’t know what they say, but mum wouldn’t let me help; this was a mum and dad only job, but we still got to hang out in the office with them so it was okay I’d rather play anyway.

After everything was done they turned on the tv to a new years special, my brother said I’d like it; lots of music and lights so much fun! We all snuggled in on the couch together, even the cats came into the living room, hard to get them all together at the same time, mum said she wished she got a picture.

I fell asleep on the couch, just a light snooze, it was way past my bedtime you know. Then out of new year the tv got so much louder, mum and dad were yelling HAPPY NEW YEAR and Bently was excited jumping about, I had no clue what was happening for a good minute, then dad picked me up, mum picked up Bently and they wished us a Happy New Year, oh my goodness I almost missed my first new year! Ooops, good thing they woke me up!

Hope you all had a safe and wonderful holiday fur family, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Love always,