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Pet News

Peta’s latest post

Can we please talk about petas latest twitter post? I’m talking about the twitter post regarding the “anti animal language”.

I mean I can see both sides to the argument; not talking about animals in such terms would bring a more positive light to how we treat animals. But then again would this really change anything? There will always be bad people out there, just like there will always be good people, people who are the voice of the animals and try to pick up the pieces that the “bad people” leave behind.

Me being a huge animal lover I understand some of their points they try to make, but, I’m getting pretty tired of some of the silly antics, posts, and ridiculous actions from peta. It’s a shame that something that should be so strong, powerful, and an organization that should do so much good; does such, in my opinion, stupid things. They do, however, get people talking about animal wellfare, and laws surrounding it; so I don’t know, do you guys think they do more harm than good; do you feel like they take things too far, or do you feel that they make excellent decisions for the rights of animals?

I can say I have seen some hilarious back lash for their latest post online. Have you guys heard or seen anything about this post, what is your opinion on it?

We’d love to hear your opinions, maybe this way of thinking would help, but in mine, I’m on the fence really.

Feel free to comment your opinion, or you can even send us a message on our contact page, we love to hear both sides.

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The Cats

A change in perspective

Me being the fabulous feline that I am, I have done a great deal of self reflection since yesterday; and with a little help from some canine friends- Xena and Lucy. I have decided, kind of, that my human slaves would probably enjoy being human mom and dad, well I guess I could give it a try.. I mean what harm could it really do? It’s not like they’ll forget who is really in charge of this house anyway.

So giving it a whirl this morning it worked fairly quickly, I even got an early morning snuggle before the human dad left, where he goes I have yet to firgure out- a story for another tims perhaps. Maybe this will work puurfectly, there still needs testing, I must see further outcomes to come to my decision.

I will keep you posted as I do further experiments and let you know my conclusions.


The Luka